Abyssus policy is to offer the best optimized user service system, not the easiest to make solution. Service customization is a key word in Abyssus and all the activities we take is to be sure that you are delivered a system that is tailored by your needs. Consultancy no matter management, engineering, design or field work is a mean of creating successful system of services, service tools and tool parts.


Abyssus Marine Services is strategically implementing design in offshore business. We are specialized in advancing offshore operation procedures through use of interaction and industrial design. We see design as a mediator between complex operations, machine functions and user needs.

Our method is to set design demands for ideal service scenario with given capacities instead of best functional scenario. Monitoring, testing and improvement are crucial in methodology.


Field Work

Development and testing - In early stages of a project Abyssus focuses on testing as a part in the design process. Therefore prototype testing and preparation is an integrated part of our product development.

Installation coordination - Abyssus have the ability to follow projects through all parts of manufacturing and production. This way we can offer our clients expertise on site, and close follow up of their most important projects.

Operational support - Post installation support and offshore work is part of the Abyssus offering, with all staff certified for stay at sea. We follow up our deliveries to a ship or installation, with tailored manuals and procedures optimizing the solution.


Project Management and Technology Development Coordination
For external clients Abyssus can assist in early phase project definition, project organizing and coordination. For defined projects Abyssus can assist or head the project management full-time or for a defined period and part-time.

Concept Studies and Problem Solving
Abyssus strive to live up to the expectation of facilitating a creative environment for problem solving, and build upon a growing expertise in underwater operations in general and subsea installations and towing specifically.