Ormen Lange

During the field development phase of the ‘Ormen Lange’-project, Abyssus were assigned the task of designing a new transponder stand, enabling an efficient deployment and operation of a large LBL-network along the pipeline-route. Due to rough typology the design were to be high, allow installation in steep slopes with a low center of gravity. In addition the transponders were to be replaced, or swapped, during the course of field development. A stainless steel design was proposed, and some 550 units delivered.

Trawl Protection

For the trawl-exposed section of the pipeline-route on Ormen Lange, a special trawl-protection frame was made to reduce the risk of damage to transponder, while maintaining the acoustic network in the area. This complemented the split-electronic transponder from Kongsberg Simrad.


A new concept for transponder deployment and recovery. Compact for transport, lightweight for ease of back deck handling and highly stable when in position on the seabed

Original version on the image left was steel built and transported assembled