fibre in bag

is a new technology for safe storage of fiber rope on the seabed until mobilization of a rig. Until now, only chain can be pre-laid. Fiber ropes are easily damaged. Damage can be caused by sand, corals and debris on the seabed. This has made it impossible to lay the fiber in advance. Det norske and Viking Moorings has now found a solution. For operators, the new technology, simplifies operations with pre-laid moorings. Mooring equipment can with this new technology be stored under water, improving efficiency and increasing flexibility in difficult anchoring operations.

Fibre in bag launched

Abyssus Marine Services & Viking Moorings developed new ‘fibre in bag’ solution - a complete fibre rope storage system which will enable the fibre rope and the buoy in a pre-set mooring application to be stored safely on the seabed until mobilisation (the fibre rope will be stored in a bag).

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