SeaBed Geophysical

SeaBed Geophysical is a service company that provides expertise and services to the global oil industry in all aspects of marine multi-component seismic.
From mid 2006 to 2008 Abyssus took the role in production management, system design and site representation. The result is a M/V Hugin Explorer, a seismic ship with new seismic data production. Abyssus was focused on production line, suppliers coordination and design of a new 4d seismic node sensor unit CASE Abyss

CASE Abyss

CASE Abyss is a new generation of a SeaBed 4d seismic subsea sensor node. After the concept was settled, Abyssus took part in developing user scenario, onboard handling, form giving and transport stacking for this unit. CASE Abyss is produced in 500 pieces and is currently in use.

- Tailor made underwater engineering complementary for clients specific needs and selection of instrumentation.
- Specializes in cost efficient and reliable installation methods with special emphasis on reuse and rapid redeployment.
- Lifecycle study and product design and development for CASE Abyss seismic node.

Hugin Explorer

-Onboard logistics
-Installation life cycle
-Ergonomic design
-Conceptual through to detail engineering, onboard installation and commissioning.
-Time study and comparison of multidisciplinary sequences and onboard processes.
-Subcontractor short listing, selection, contractual assistance and client representation.
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