FMC Kongsberg Subsea has placed repeat orders with Abyssus, to complement Sonardyne Ltd’s delivery of data logger units as part of the Block-18 field development offshore Angola, west of Africa, and other deepwater fields. Abyssus were sub-contracted to design and produce two installation configurations; one to deploy the data logger inside the PCB guide-funnel, and the other in a cut-out slot on the Upper Tree base plate.


1. Fly and Dock > 2. Jumper Hoockup > 3. Communicate

The interface collars is made out of a very, few similar and/or symmetrical components that are bolted together in a three-legged, or two-legged structure, (for the PCB Guide Funnel and Upper Tree respectively). Only none-metallic materials is in direct physical contact with the data logger-housing, and the bolted design allow easy access to the instrumentation power- and communication connector.

Design Constraints

The design relies on the data logger to withstand a sufficient through frame-lifting capacity, including the weight of interface collar, and is only applied as means of installation guidance, and to ensure a semi-permanent and stable operational fixation.

An additional feature is to arrange and “store” the 6-7 meter jumper cable and wet-mateable connector, while the unit is in a dive or installation modus. After the unit is installed subsea, the WROV is required to release the ROV-connector (wet-mate) from the parking position, and fly out the jumper cable, (preferably in an straight vertical movement), and then move across and install at the predefined well-instrumentation package.