Efficient Recovery of non-permanent instalations subsea.

-No Subsea Intervention
-No Surface Obstruction
-Reduced Safety and Operational Risk

SPIN BUOY Mk II is a new type of submerged buoy that integrates transponder and rope spool system. It functions by mooring one end of the rope to an item on the seabed and the other end to the SPIN buoy.

Efficient Recovery

To recover, signal is sent to transponder activating release system. As the buoy is released the positively buoyant SPIN-assembly ascends towards the surface, while the unique hydrodynamic fairing forces the buoy to rotate. Hence, paying out untwisted a high strength fiber-line while ascending. This line can be used to pull up an item directly or retrieve an intermediate and heavier tag line. Grip handles on the top and bottom makes the SPIN-buoy easy to handle for the deck crew.

A. vessel | B tag line | C installation | D SPIN Buoy | E guide buoy | F hook |

1. release > 2. pop up > 3. hook the rope >
4. retrieve SPIN Buoy


Shortens and simplifies operation adding extra safety.

SPIN-buoy is deployed submerged in the water column, hence enables surface vessels to pass safely and protects assets against theft.

Capable and cost effective deployment and recovery of a variety of sensors, to and from the seafloor.

Eliminate ROV-operation, saving time and enabling a safe and field-proven backup solution.


Tailor Made Solutions

SPIN Buoy structure changes according to customers’ needs, and the Mk.II version of the SPIN-buoy stores up to 1500 meters of 12mm fiber line. However, the drum can be replaced to either adjust the length or size of pickup-line, depending on operational requirements, e.g. deep waters or heavy retrieval number of components and efficient production. SPIN Buoy also fits different transponders meeting technical and cost requirements. A revised set og design constraints comprises:

- Stacking and onboard handling improved
- Greater depth capacity and heavier loads
- Improved hydrodynamics and spin-function
- Easy pick-up
- Improved visibility while on the surface