- Abyssus solves operational challenges subsea and onboard: navigation, positioning, communication.

-Abyssus provides network of suppliers and facilitates customized mechanical and industrial design for specific task.

-Abyssus supervises operation and uses empirical experience to modify it to fit clients needs in the best way


The combined knowledge, experience and resources within the company cover the following disciplines;

-Technical management, incl. commercial, legal and international client representation

-Conceptual design, i.e. operation and integrated systems

-Detail engineering mechanical engineering, man-machine interface and industrial design.

-Installation and commissioning, incl. onboard mobilization at yard and organizing sea trials


Past, current and ongoing projects with application relevance are:

-Underwater acoustics and positioning

-Automatic onboard handling system

-ROV-skid, and tooling

-Deepwater operation technology and procedures

Our business focuses on delivering high-end products and resources to the offshore oil and gas subsea-market in general, and to participate in developing state-of-the-art products within seismic exploration in particular.