Australasian oil & gas

February 2011

AOG is Australia's largest oil & gas exhibition bringing together the industry's leading companies and people from across the world. Viking Moorings exhibited the commcercially available SPIN-buoy amongst other things.


November 2010

Fibre-in-Bag is a new technology for safe storage of fibre rope on the seabed until mobilization of a rig. Until now, only chain can be pre-laid. Fibre ropes are easily damaged. Damage can be caused by sand, corals and debris on the seabed. This has made it impossible to lay the fibre in advance. Det Norske and Viking Moorings has now found a solution. For operators, the new technology, simplifies operations with pre-laid moorings. Mooring equipment can with this new technology be stored under water, improving efficiency and increasing flexibility in difficult anchoring operations.

SPIN Commercial Launch

April 2010

SPIN is successfully released from deepwater in the Vigdis field. This new type of SPIN® is massive and adjusted for thicker poly lines. Development included detailed hydrodynamic analyses optimizing shape for controlled spinning.

Design Excellence Award by the Norwegian Design Council

March 2009

CASE Abyss won the Honours Award for Design Excellence! It is the highest design award in Norway and is given by The Norwegian Design Council to one company and its design house through the annual Award for Design Excellence competition. Innovation and new ways to use design were the key elements in the jury's decision. Abyssus wishes to thank everybody involved.



SPIN ® Demonstrartion

February 2009

SPIN™ successfully demonstrated for StatoilHydro at the Gjøa-field Co-operating with IOS Offshore. Abyssus’ proprietary pop-up buoy concept was recently tested as part of an anchor-line operation during the rig-move of Transocean Searcher at the Gjøa-field. The SPIN-buoys were deployed in 365 meters of water, triggered hydro acoustically from the AHV, and recovered on deck with a high break strength fiber-line extension, allowing the vessel crew to hoist the anchor line-termination.